Virtual Social Hour 4pm Fridays

Hello all,
CVS and NH Local Sections decided to hold another Virtual Social Hour for the ACS Northeast Region THIS Friday (May 29) at 4 PM. This time pre-registration will be required.

Please go to the following link to register: A link will be sent an hour before it begins. Please share in your networks!

Also, if anyone did join us last Friday and either weren’t able to join or got caught up in the mess itself, our preparations did not work, and we did end up Zoom-bombed. We were eventually able to clear the room of the miscreants and go forward with 12 participants who stuck it out with us. We have changed how we are conducting them in order to prevent this from happening again – which explains the pre-registration above. Please give it another chance and join us for what will (hopefully) be a better experience!

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